• Av. temp 16.6o
  • Population 25,400
  • Farms 18

Frank Scarfone

Griffith, NSW

How did you come to be a grower?
This is a family farm. I knew early on that I would take on the family growing business from my parents, who were immigrants and 1st generation growers in Tharbogang. Growing up around the farm, seeing the hard work day in day out going into the farm – I suppose you could say it was just something I grew up knowing I always wanted to continue with the family.   

What makes you proud/passionate to be an Australian grower?
The quality – that makes me proud to be an Australian grower. We have good fruits sought after by all over the world. Our fruit is held in high esteem and I whole-heartedly believe it makes the best juice. I think knowing this, knowing that we as Australian growers grow some of the best fruits in the world is the reason I knew at a young age I would take on the family business as a grower. 

We have a young growers’ program – what advice would you give the next generation of growers?
There’s a lot I could say, but I guess what’s important to me is quality of the fruits, so in that vein I would say – educate yourself. By that I mean, get familiar with plant management such as knowing new plant varieties, the water, the fertilizer, everything. And continue to educate yourself, ask questions, always learn more, that way you’re better equipped to grow good fruits. 

Do you work the growing business on your own, or do you work with the family? What role do they play?
I’m pretty happy to say that this started as a family business and has continued on as a family business when it was passed onto me and my brother. Yes I also work with the family. I work the farm and my brother looks after the packing shed. I think this suits us well. I’m happy to be out there in the orchards in rain, hail or shine!

People often think all fruits are created the same, but in reality, quality is hard to produce, can you tell us the hard work that goes behind the cultivation?
The reason I would advise the younger growers to know their plant management is because this is, in my opinion, the difference between producing an ordinary fruit versus producing great quality oranges.


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