Bee's Creek

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Bees Creek

Bee's Creek, NT

In Australia mangoes are grown in the tropical and sub-tropical areas, and we choose to source ours from the Northern Territory and Queensland.  

Why? Because these two regions have the perfect climate for the mangoes to really flourish. Mangoes prefer dry cooler conditions for flowering and warm and rain-less conditions during fruit development and maturity. 

The reason why Mangoes need a level of chill is to allow the fruit to ‘set’ before harvest time. They then rerequire good amounts of rain and warm weather to get their natural sugar levels up so you that can enjoy the natural sweet taste of mango in our 100% Aussie grown fruit juice. 

Mangoes like all stonefruit ripen from the inside out. The warm weather heats the stone and this radiates heat throughout the mango to help it get sweeter and riper. A mango is ripe when it is a little soft when squeezed so don’t rely only on the colour of the flesh because this isn’t the best way to tell if it’s ripe!