• Av. temp 17.7o
  • Population 200
  • Farms 21

Nat Nardi

Wamoon, NSW

How did you come to be a grower?
My parents were 1st generation growers, so when the time came for them to take a more hands off approach on the farm, I naturally took over the family farm. 

What did you grown when you first started?
More than just oranges! Peaches, plums, pears, apricots, apples – the lot. 

What makes you proud/ passionate to be an Australian grower
I love growing fresh produce and we leave them as un-tampered as possible. It’s a good feeling to provide something that’s healthy and fresh and good for you. 

People often think all fruits are created the same, but in reality, quality is hard to produce, can you tell us the hard work that goes behind the cultivation 
Many things, but they all have a common factor and that’s timing. Spraying, watering and fertilizing might all sound simple but to know when to do them at the exact right time is the difference between an average fruit or a fresh, high quality fruit like our oranges. 

Are you hoping to pass on the farm to your kids or grandkids?
Yes. I suppose it’s a good thing my two sons, Tony and Paul, already work on the farm with me full time! Tony’s 37 and Paul’s 24 and they both do it for the right reasons. It’s good to see all your hard work and all the years that have gone into the farm get passed on to the younger guys, but it’s also better to see that they have a genuine passion for this work. Makes you think you’ve done something right for the kids to want to follow in your footsteps – that’s something I’m proud of, to see the kids take on the family business.