North Queensland

  • Av. temp 28o
  • Population 2M
  • Farms 3,400

North Queensland

North Queensland, QLD

Pineapples, like their appearance, are tough fruits and have a fantastic capacity to grown under many rainfall conditions. Of course, they still need the time and nurturing to become the perfectly sweet fruit that they are. But whilst they are quite suitable in many different conditions, as a tropical fruit, pineapples are still best suited to humid coastal lowlands in tropical and subtropical regions of northern and eastern Australia. 

But we have to be careful when we get our pineapples to get the right balance between sugar and acid right so the fruit taste the way it should be!

Pineapples don’t keep ripening after picking so we take a lot of care to make sure that they are perfectly ripe when picked to give you the best tasting juice possible.

Pineapples are said to originate from South America between Brazil and Paraguay. The Spanish called them pineapples as they resembled pine cones.

Pineapples grow out of the middle of a low lying plant with broad waxy leaves. Eventually they sit in the centre of the plant on a stalk.

Legend says that when colonial sea captains returned from their tropical voyages, they would take pineapples from their cargo and hang them on their front door or gate post as a sign of welcome and hospitality. Later, people began carving pineapple designs into doorways and gate posts. Pineapples are still used on door knockers, door mats, mail boxes, and on house markers as a symbol of hospitality and are given as a symbol of welcome or friendship.