Northern New South Wales

  • Av. temp 27o
  • Population 1.5M
  • Farms 2300

Northern New South Wales

Northern New South Wales,

Guavas grow from cool temperate areas, and unlike Passionfruit can be ok with light frost. Although, much like the passionfruit, they also do much better in tropical areas!  

We use pink Hawaiin variety, so needs good water and sunlight – and plenty of nurture and care from our growers so that they’re ready to be picked April and May. This variety has a dark green skin that lightens up as it ripens. This variety has a bright green skin but a light pink centre. Guava juice from this variety can often have a slightly pink tinge to it.

Many guava varieties originated in Mexico. You can tell that a guava is ripe by it’s smell. It gets more intense as it gets ripe. That’s why the tropical climate of Northern New South Wales is considered excellent for guava cultivation, and that’s why we make sure we get our homegrown guavas there so that only the best goes into our juice!