Northern New South Wales

  • Av. temp 27o
  • Population 1.5M
  • Farms 2300

Northern New South Wales

Northern New South Wales,

Passionfruit growing is very well suited to the far north coast of NSW because the varieties bred at the Centre for Tropical Horticulture over the last 15 years are hybrids between the tropical passionfruit and the common passionfruit These hybrids are suited to subtropical conditions and do NOT like to be hit by frost! As long as they never have to be hit by frost (and are nurtured with lots of tender loving care!), they can adapt to other areas too. 

So we make sure that the passionfruit that goes into our juice comes from the perfect climate in sunny, frost-free areas so that you can enjoy the sweetest and, sometimes a little bit sour, passionfruit.