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Phil Damianopoulos

Shepparton, VIC

How did you come to be a grower?
Because I have grown up in the business, and I have loved it all my life, I always knew that it was be a natural transition into the growing life for me. My brother and I are 3rd generation growers and we always knew we’d continue the family business as it was something we’ve been passionate about since we were kids! It’s all the more important that we do this as a family as well.

What did your family grow when they first started?
We started with Pears and Apples and even as a third generation grower, we’re still doing what we do best. Today our business continues to be focused on Pears and Apples. I think with all the years of experience and expertise it’s given us the ability and knowledge to produce high quality in these fruits, and so because we want to be getting the best out to the Australian public, it’s why we continue to grow apples and pears.

What makes you proud to be an Australian grower?
Getting up each and every morning to grow the perfect clean fruit for our consumers is exactly why I do what I do. 

What advice would you give the next generation of growers?
Work hard to grow what you want and do it with pride. If you have true passion for it, you’ll likely stick to it despite all the challenges you’ll face and you’ll be sure to overcome them and learn from them. Having a genuine love for what you do makes a big difference to the output that comes from it. 

Do you work the growing business on your own, or do you work with the family? 
We as a family of 6 members run the show and the role we play in is on an equal level. That’s what makes us strong.