• Av. temp 28o
  • Population 4M
  • Farms 5000


Queensland, QLD

Did you know that Bananas are actually the world’s largest herb? Did you even know it was a perennial herb? 

And did you know that more than 90 percent of Australia’s bananas are grown in Queensland? With the majority of them grown in high rainfall regions? On the one hand, we guess it doesn’t make us all too different or special from everyone else…but on the other hand, at least you know we’re getting it from the right place if 90% percent of the fruit is grown there!

There’s a reason for this. Banana for starters is actually a tropical fruit and as with all tropical fruits, they really flourish from moderate heat, enough moisture and protection from the wind. Prime temperature for growth for these potassium rich fruits is 14°C. That explains why a portion of that 90 percent goes into your favourite breakfast juice!

Did you know…..In the United States town of Council Bluffs in Iowa, it was against the law to sell bananas without warning the buyer on the dangers of casting the peels on the footpath?