South Queensland

  • Av. temp 28o
  • Population 2M
  • Farms 3000

South East Queensland

South Queensland, QLD

Passionfruit vines are strong little buggers BUT they do like to be in subtropical regions! As long as they never have to be hit by frost (and are nurtured with lots of tender loving care!), they can adapt to other areas too. 

That’s why we make sure that the passionfruit that goes into our juice comes from the perfect climate in sunny, frost-free areas so that you can enjoy the sweetest and, sometimes a little bit sour, passionfruit.  

South East Queensland is one of our favourite regions to source our passionfruits! And even then, we make sure that the types of passionfruits that we pick there share a common characteristic, and that is a high fruit to skin ratio to make sure it’s as juicy as they get.