South Queensland

  • Av. temp 28o
  • Population 2M
  • Farms 3000

South East Queensland

South Queensland, QLD

Strawberries have been described as the lollies of the fruit world, and going by our Strawberry juice, I’d say you love them too! 

In most of Australia strawberries can be grown outdoors, but in the colder regions of the world, they need to be grown in heated glass houses. That’s why we like to get our natural lollies of the fruit world from South East Queensland so that they are exposed to a warmer climate but can have a chill around harvest time. Lots of sunlight and no rain is the rule of thumb for harvest time – and the chill is only needed to set the strawberry.

Stawberries will keep ripening when green but when red they are only as ripe as when you pick them. So if you are buying strawberries choose nice ripe red berries and treat them nicely. These will give you the best flavour and aroma possible.

And even though it’s already deliciously juiced for you by the time it’s in your glass, we only pick bright red strawberries with no white flesh so that you get the ripest juicey goodness of strawberries in your Berri 100% Australian Grown.